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Collagen Peptide Ampoule Bedroom
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Heiu skincare is established in 2016 and introduces the market with products developed by the most advanced chemical laboratories in Taiwan and France. The natural herbal extract and active ingredients, researched and developed by renowned biotechnology company in France, provides the highest grade of skin treatment which revitalizes skin cell growth and improves skin metabolism. It is designed to keep skin healthy, refreshing and radiant. Our supplier is committed to using only the finest, toxic-free ingredients.

Heiu products are suitable for all skin types and are free of harmful chemicals, alcohol, mineral oil, talc, silicone, etc. They are good for all types of skin, be it normal, oily, dry or sensitive. Our products are made with active natural ingredients and will give you visible results.

Our philosophy is to prioritize safety for long term use and be effective to achieve great complexion. Our products have been rigorously tested and modified for over 10 years in various markets as to give its users peace of mind.

Heiu team not only focuses in giving the best products but we are also pledge to give our consumer the best service possible.